Letters from Carolyn A. Clark Elementary School teachers:


With the utmost appreciation to the best teachers in the preschool category, my mentors:

  • Mrs. Hai Vu - Step by Step Preschool (Milpitas, Ca.)
  • Mrs. Bonnie Hasson - Bonnie Playhouse (Sunnyvale, Ca.)
  • Mrs. Tanya Wieber -  (San Jose, Ca.)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dave & Lisa Giuliani - (San Jose,  Ca.)


Lynda Nguyen (June 2017)

We would like to drop a note by to show how much we appreciate you and your staff for the dedication, love and support given to our precious Kayla for the past 3 years. She has grown to be more independent, has passion for helping the poor, and has the knowledge foundation to assist her with starting Kindergarten this Fall! Her smiles and eagerness to go to Bebe preschool each morning has shown us how much she loves and adores you and your staff, just like her brother, Logan who attended 3 years ago. We have recommended your preschool to all our friends and families. Our sweet niece, Audrey is looking forward to be there this August! We love Bebe Preschool!!!

John, Lynda, Logan & Kayla

Sylvia B. Nguyen: A World of Thanks! (Aug 2016)
Dearest Co Hien,
We would like to let you know that both of my son and I were so blessed to have met and be under your care.
We will stay in touch and keep you posted.

Sylvia B. Nguyen
2365 Industrial Parkway West, Hayward, CA, 94545

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Ashley Duong (Dec 2015):
There is not enough words of gratitude and sincere appreciation as a parent for all the things you have taught Dmitri... you were able to reach him and I couldn't...This is only because you lead by example and have a tremendous amount of love for children.  Thank you thank you thank you for all that you had shown him and taught him.
Ashley & Andrew

Mr. & Mrs. John & Lynda Tran (Dec 2014):
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and your love ones. Thanks for an awesome year.

Co Hien! We are very appreciated for what you and your staff have done for Kayla and Logan, especially with Kayla. The patience, loves, values, academic learnings that you, Co Chau, Co Lai, Thay Duc, & Thay Chi taught our little miracles went beyond what we expected in preschool. Logan is a very good example. We hope you will do the same for our little Kayla=)

Thanks again,

John & Lynda

Mr. Tu Huynh (Jun/13):
 ...With the social and academic skills that Nancy were equipped by Bebe, Nancy will get over the next bump when she starts her kindergarten this August. 

I would like to thank to all Bebe staff during the last two years for your teaching, caring and love. , Nancy and us will miss Bebe as you missed her and I believe that Bebe will stay with Nancy as one of her beauty childhood memories .  Best wishes to all of you, keep in touch.

Tu, Tam and Nancy.

Mrs. Giau Le (Jan/13):
Rất cám ơn chị và các thầy cô. Mặc dù biết đó là công việc của chị với các thầy cô - thì nhiệm vụ phải làm cho tốt. Nhưng tốt hơn sự mong muốn của em. Thành ra em rất muốn nói lời cám ơn nhưng không biết làm sao, thấy sẵn dịp Tết đến, biếu mọi người ít quà thay cho lời cám ơn của tụi em. 
Cam on chi.
Phong Giau Vinh Quang

Ms. Uyen Tran (June/12):
The quality and the caring at Bebe Preschool are very high.  Teachers devote a lot of time needed to spend with each child preparing strong based to enter kindergarten and later on.  My son has learned both American and Vietnamese cultures at Bebe Preschool. My son is very exciting to be at school every morning even weekend.  School has many educational toys to stimulate not only playing but also learning. Bebe Preschool’s class size is very small comparing with other schools but always has more teachers spending with individual child. Ms. Dieu Hien spends greatly time teaching and capturing precious moments every months of each child. My son is very happy to graduate and received his first Preschool Diploma of his life with wonderful pictures taken at this school. The feeling at Bebe Preschool is very positive.
I am very impressed with Ms. Dieu Hien and teachers at Bebe Preschool.  I am very happy to have sent my son to Bebe Preschool.  I would highly recommend the school to others.

Ms. Uyen T., PharmacistPharMerica Corp.

Mrs. Dao Nguyen: (Aug/11):
My son Hoa Nhac went to Bebe Preschool since the very beginning when the school was just opened.  He attended the school as part time then full time student. I can see that he has learned a great deal at the school.  Bebe Preschool has very good teachers, excellent teaching materials. I’m amazed when my son (5 years old now) can do addition and subtraction with pretty good understand of the concept. The school has picked good educational toys that make the kids really enjoy the time being there.  My child was always so anxious to go to Bebe school. He even wants to go there during the week-end.  Other than having fun, I can see that my son is well prepared for kindergarten.  Also the Photo books that the teachers have taking the time to put  together are invaluable memory to us.  Big thanks to Dieu Hien and all the teachers at Bebe Preschool.  We miss you!
Dao Nguyen, program manager @ Cisco, song writer.     

Mrs. Tracy Pham: (Dec/10):
Co Hien, 
The gift is so valuable.............Truc and I love it.  It also saves us time from developing his pictures  :) 

It is the most wonderful gift I received since he was born.   Looks like he is introduced to a lot of learning activities/natures/manners at Bebe School. 

Thank you for teaching him with your heart.  We greatly appreciated!   Can't wait to send our little one to you next year.  He is now 21/2....but still not potty trained. spring/summer he'll be ready for school.  Justin is more calm then Aaron.......but very picky like his mom:) 

Wishing you and your family a wonder New Year. 


Mr. Brian Tran (Dec/09):
 Hi Teacher My wife and I are impressed  to see that you have done a fanstastic job of teaching my daughter and other kids.  We are appreciated what you have done with kids. Happy and bring to you and family a wonderful holidays.Again, Thanks Parents of Monique Tran