Bebe Preschool cafe is operated under the 4C (Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County Food Program).  Every child is served with a balanced nutrient meals and snack daily, with a touch of exotic Vietnamese cuisine for hot lunch.

In addition to seasonal fruit and milk, breakfast is rotated weekly as follow:

   Mon -  Sweet Bread/Waffle
   Tues - Cereal
   Wed - Croissant Bread/Pancake
   Thurs - Cereal
   Fri - French Toast/Hash Brown

In addition to seasonal fruit/vegetable and milk, hot lunch is rotated monthly with the below meals (not necessarily in order):

Week 1:
   Crab Rice Noodle Soup / Bún Riêu
   Rice & Stew Coconut Juice Pork & Eggs/ Cơm Thịt Kho Nước Dừa
   Fried rice with Corn & Egg / Cơm Chiên Trứng
   Chicken Nuggets

Week 2:
   Sausage Rice Noodle Soup/ Bún Chã
   Rice with Saute Tuna fish / Cơm Tuna Kho
   Rice Noddle & saute meat & veggies / Hũ-Tiếu Xào
   Rice & Stew Beef /Cơm Thịt Bò Kho

Week 3:
   Chicken Rice Noodle Soup / Phỡ Gà
   Rice & Rotisserie Chicken / Cơm Gà Roti 
   Egg Noodle & saute veggie & meat / Mi` Xào
   Rice & Beef Potato / Cơm Thịt Bò Xào Khoai Tây
   Garlic Bread & Sausage/Eggs

Week 4:
   Chicken Soup & Pasta / Nuôi Gà
   Rice & Saute Vietnamese Sausage / Cơm Chã Kho
   Rice & Fishstick / Cơm Cá Fishstick 
   Fried Rice With Eggs & Sausage / Cơm Chiên Lạp Xưỡng
   Turkey Sandwich/Ham Sanwich

Week 5:
   Egg Noodle & Wonton / Mì Hoành-Thánh
   Chicken Rice Noodle Soup / Hũ-Tiếu 

Afternoon Snack: 
Afternoon Snack is rotated as follow, with occasional surprise of goodies:

   Mon - Whole Grain Bars & Yogurt
   Tues  - Graham Crackers & Apple Sauce
   Wed - Variety Choice of Cookies & Yogurt
   Thurs - Rice Crispies 
   Fri - Ritz Crackers & Cheese Spread

Note: Bebe Café reserves the right to modify the menu.

Monthly Menu