My name is Lisa Dieu-Hien Trinh. 
I am the owner and director of 
Bebe Preschool.  I was born in 
South Vietnam and had been living
in the United States 3/4 of my life.
I was fortunate to inherit and adapt
the best of both worlds, the Eastern
and Western cultures.  

I obtained a B.S. degree in Computer Sciences and had worked in the software industry for 16 years.  However, it was not my first choice of a profession.  I then pursued further in search for a career of my preference.  Along the path, I had worked in the marketing area, the cosmetology area, and the aerospace area.  Each field had enriched my life in many ways.  Nevertheless, I now accumulate enough experience and gain enough wisdom to realize that teaching is my destiny.   I embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and apply it to an area so central to my life: early childhood education and care.
The main factor that contributed to my decision derived from my devoted volunteer works as Artistic Director and Founder of a non-profit organization for Youth this since 1993  (   Bebe Preschool is proud to be the main sponsor for Wings of 100 Viet Dance Company/Vũ Đoàn Cánh Chim Bách-Việt.  As I have seen generations of kids who graduated from my program benefited significantly from it, became role models to their peers, and gave back to society; my satisfaction from this work is beyond any description and the best reward no money can buy.
I apply what I do best and enjoy most to become a preschool teacher.  I feel that it is a nobility to be the first teacher in a child’s life.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to plant the seeds of social and emotional development as well as linguistic and cognitive competence to the children.

I was truly inspired by my mother and 
late father to become a teacher for they
were educators their whole life.

                    - My father as Professor Trinh Chuyet 
                         and his college students in 1961 -                                               and 

                                      I am also thankful to my son, Joey the Champ,                                                who is now in college and  finally ready to                                                    share his Mom with other children.  

                                        Joey The Champ as The Man in Charge -

 With a passion at heart, I vision that being a Preschool Teacher is truly a rewarding path in my life and feel so blessed to have found this profession.

   Meet the Provider

Professor Trinh Chuyet