Learn to Play & Play to Learn

Gross motor development:
"Look! Mom... I can shoot hoop now"
4-step sequence:
"What comes first, the chicken or the egg?"
"Think big, build large, the possibility is endless..."
Imaginary play:
"I am the princess, where is my prince?"
Role play:
"Doctor orders baby to eat less gummy bears"
Logic thinking with sorting, patterning, and sequencing.
"Look at the dragon I build"
Fire safety awareness
Letter recognition:
"Can I have another letter at the end of my name?"
"Little friend, let me show you on how to use the math learning center."
Dramatic play:
"Wow, our own personal McDonald... but where are the fries?"
"Everyone should have a reading buddy like mine."
Pre-math skills by learning to shuffle shapes.
Sorting size, color, and quantity.
Manner is a must.  Never too young to be a gentle-little man.
Writing skill development. Tracing letters
Creativity development:
"Look! Grandpa.  I can make my shapes on this."
Emotional evelopment and learn to get along.  Everyone is happy.
Easter Parade
My first Magnetic Puzzle
Bubbles fun
"Oh! Oh! Oh! I know the answer..."
Hand holding until ready to apply the skill alone.
A mother touch away from home.
"It's my Birthday, you can't blow off my candles."
We love story time.
Learning Tet traditions
Singing and Dancing are the universal language
Year of the Dragon celebration
"We have to brush our teeth... up and down... round and round..."
"Head... shoulders...knees and toes...knees and toes..."
Neighborhood Field Trip
Learning Upper Case & Lower Case letters from BINGO game
Puppet friend... almost as fun and loving as a real friend...
Number BINGO - Play to Learn
Teamwork satisfaction  - mosaics matching exercise to create a picture and color learning.
"Thank you Santa, I think I just take the toy box instead of a new baby sister."
Halloween fun!  Trick or Treat!!!
2 plus 3 equal 5... I know how to add now
"Hey, buddy! let's play Indians and look for some Pilgrims this Thanksgiving."
Clean up after nap time, a teamwork effort.
A lesson in compassion:
Wrapping a gift box for donation of toys.
A lesson in giving: Donation of canned foods.
A lesson on Winter Animals:
Polar Bear project.
Boys naturally like cars and ... dinosaur.
Girls naturally like playing house.
Outdoor circle time.
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Bebe Preschool graduates with honor.
One-on-one tutoring on individual academic level
Dental Health Lesson
Traditional Lion Dance - Vietnamese New Year Celebration
"I wanna trace my hand ...too"
Graduation fun moment
We can play for hours with the Activities Train
Fun with the magic mirror
"I can draw on this with the heat of my finger"
A very happy graduate
Father's Day project