California State Forms

  In the spirit of going GREEN, Bebe Preschool 
  will not hand out all forms to potential 
  clients unless requested.  

  If you find our program is a good fit and want to enroll your child, have  
  our confirmation of opening or have visited Bebe Preschool, please print,                       complete and sign the following required California State forms (under 
 Title 22, Chapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations):

    1)  Identification and Emergency Information:  LIC700
    2)  Consent for Medical Treatment: LIC627
    3) Parent Notification: LIC9150
      4) Child Preadmission Health History-Parent’s Report:  LIC702
    5) Receipt for Parent’s Rights:  LIC995A
    6) Child's current Immunization Record is required.


        The following State required documents are for your rights,  
         protections and to keep :
         Care Giver Background Check Process: LIC995E
         Family Day Care Consumer Awareness Information: LIC9212

     Bebe Preschool Forms

   It may seem that you are sending your child to college but please bare with 
   us and complete, sign the additional forms from our school:

Admission Agreement 
Medical & Health Agreement
Liability Agreement   (This form must be signed by both parents)